Angry but sly…..

I can’t help myself, I really can’t:

This has been one of my favorite movies. Don’t ask why. I had it on videotape, now DVD – even an audio version.

Captain Kirk is passionately and desperately yelling at Khan as he flies away marooning Kirk and his colleagues for all time miles below the surface of a dead planet.

But maybe Kirk knew something that Khan didn’t.

Goose bumps.

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0 Responses to Angry but sly…..

  1. scott says:

    Did you get that off of Paul Wells’ site regarding Harper’s appointment of Mississauga-Streetsville MP Wajid Khan as a special advisor on South Asia and the Middle East affairs.

    or is it just something going around the blogosphere??

  2. David Campbell says:

    I read Wells daily but it is going around as well.