Nova Scotia Film Development Corporation

Do we have one of these in New Brunswick?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    We do, its called “Film NB”. It’s even less busy than Film Nova Scotia these days. Thanks to the dollar, most film production has dried up, something almost nobody talks about. Its been going on for years, in Toronto production people actually had to move or get different jobs.

    This goes back to an earlier suggestion that New Brunswickers (meaning the government because nobody else has time or money) set up a television station for New Brunswick. If Newfoundland can do it surely New Brunswick can. Even funding local television groups like the one in St.Andrews. But of course that would piss off Rogers, you can’t have that. Anybody with any experience with Rogers knows the problems with that station.

    CBC should never have been a federal monster, but a federated one. CBC television is just providing jobs to ontarians. There is a whole class of talented people who simply MUST pack up and leave. THere isn’t even a forum in most places for local film even if it did exist. Each major city usually has a token film festival which gets hardly any press, and few supporters.

    It’s a shame, because with the equipment so cheap now its an industry that is so easily fostered, and its so creative that kids would absolutely love it.