Larry’s Gulch back in the news

The Ottawa Citizen ran a story over the weekend called “The Lure of the Lodge” which talks about all the power brokers that converge on the Restigouche River to fish and do deals.

According to the article, at Larry’s Gulch Lodge Premier Bernard Lord and his ministers spend about a million dollars each season entertaining guests who may invest in the province or facilitate the investment of others.

A million bucks on fishing trips.

Don’t you think for that amount of money the government should be accountable? Don’t you think that the government should have to tell the public how many new ‘investments’ came out of that million dollar expense?

Goverment can be funny sometimes, eh? Civil servants have to get receipts for an eight buck lunch but politicians can spent a million bucks a year with no accountability on some vague notion of ‘entertaining guests who may invest….’.

Once again, don’t misread me. I’d spend five million bucks on Larry’s Gulch if it resulted in a 1,500 person auto plant in Tracadie. In fact, the Premier could camp out there all year and fish, eat, drink to his heart’s content if it resulted in these so-called power brokers investing in New Brunswick.

But if they are, I don’t see it and if they are the Premier and his guys/gals should report on it – in detail.

Otherwise, we should just scrap all notions of accountability.

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0 Responses to Larry’s Gulch back in the news

  1. Anonymous says:

    Interesting that it was in the Ottawa Citizen and not the New Brunswick papers.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Anyway to get that article linked, it would be good to read.

  3. Atlantic Canada First says:

    I thoroughly agree. On the other hand, maybe this is how the Lord Protectorate plans to re-build the call centre industry in this province. Hell, at nine bucks an hour, I might even be able to afford the odd tin of salmon.

  4. scott says:

    LMOA!! Good one Alec. I, myself, am all for spending oodles of cash on sending Ministers to points unknown with the intent of attracting investment. But this is nothing new to you guys as the both of you have been calling for some action for quite sometime now, especially you David re: India)

    But as for Larry Gulch situation, it really doesn’t make any sense to continue to rack up the bill when you have no conceivable ED plan to pitch. So in other words, they wasted a million dollars on teaching people to fish—who to my knwledge can’t fish—so that they can go out and not catch a fish. Brilliant!! Sounds like a great New Brunswick plan to me. lol

  5. resti7 says:

    to bad you think like that my friend… to make money you have to spend money… Larry’s Gulch is n-b way of getting buisiness people to invest in our small province, we need something to sell our province, what did you have in mind, golf???