Back in the saddle and the movie theatre

Almost three weeks in Brazil. Key learning: an in-law visit is not the same as a vacation – if you define vacation as some form of rest and relaxation.

Anyhoo, I’m back in the saddle – back to blogging up some mindless drivel and a little substance.

Like this, for instance.

I am known for serving up statistics of interest – particularly in the realm of the economy and economic development as it relates to New Brunswick.

Stats Canada is reporting that New Brunswick has the distinction of being the lowest province in Canada for average movie attendance. We only attend the movies an average of 2.3 times per year.

That’s a quirky stat with no correlation to economic realities, at least I think?

However, I do have advice for the movie industry. New Brunswick and Newfoundland are the worst movie attenders and the biggest consumers of alcohol and smoking.

Solution? Allow drinking and smoking in the theatres. Bingo.


It’s just a joke folks.

PS – I attend the movies a couple of times a month.

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0 Responses to Back in the saddle and the movie theatre

  1. scott says:

    Could you imagine one of those Big Gulps in the form of a quadruple rum and coke.

    Put more salt on the popcorn and bring on the beers. hoooaww!!

    Not a bad idea David. Speaking of movies, have you seen An Convenient Truth?

  2. Anonymous says:

    WHy not, most people bring booze in anyway. If the french can serve wine at McDonalds, why not beer at movies? Oh wait, I forgot, it’s new brunswick!