Atlantica Party

It is almost impossible to actually start and nurture to success a new political party in New Brunswick or for the most part in all of Atlantic Canada (although the NDP is making good inroads provincially in Nova Scotia).

I am sure that there is a multiplicity of reasons for this and it is well beyond the scope of my knowledge in the subject matter.

However, this is a neat concept. A regional ‘Atlantica Party’.

Now it is obtuse enough it is language that I am not quite sure if its ‘leftist’ or ‘rightist’ or ‘narcissistist’ but I like their initial wording around regional economic development.

Tack on a few big names, get some money and go for it.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Man, stick to economics! If you actually believe that, then you’re hopeless! Look at the Grey Party, remember COR? Once the official opposition? The Acadian Party as well.

    But none of these came around because they had money and big names. In fact, virtually no grassroots party began like that. They began because people saw a need, and put some work into it. Take a look at New Brunswickers, virtually none of them are even members of parties. At a liberal nomination in Saint John something like 500 people showed up-and they may very well be the next government.

    New Parties succeed because of these guys at the Atlantica Party website, like it says-‘small party, big ideas’. It will succeed depending on how much work goes into it. If everybody looking at the site says ‘nice idea, go to it’, then of course it will go nowhere. A new party needs people to run-no candidates, no party, simple as that.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thank you Mr. Campbell

    Just found your blog.

    We have just released our full policy platform at

    Would be interested in your thoughts.