40% is a lot

Maclean’s magazine’s online poll asks the question:

Should the fiscal imbalance make tax revenues continue to be transferred from rich to poor provinces to ensure equal public services across Canada?

At 8 am this morning, 40% said no.

Now, they don’t say the number of responses (you can only vote once) and online polls are ephemeral at best.


Without Equalization, New Brunswick’s economy would collapse. We would not be able to pay for the most basic government services.


I do sense a mood shift – in the national media and elsewhere – Lord’s insistance in our ‘constitutional’ right to more Equalization just may elicit a backlash in the ROC.

My advice hasn’t changed. Tell the rest of Canada that we have a plan to reduce our dependence over time on Equalization.

Here’s a hint: It’s not the ‘5 in 5’.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    That should have be the other point-how many canadians know that the economy would collapse? Either not many, or else Canada is filled with a population that does not deserve to call itself one country.

    If you take a drive through the province, you don’t see the poverty or unemployment. People go home telling friends ‘its so pretty, we’re just giving money away when they don’t need it’.

    The other point is that you should read between the lines-at least for the educated classes-meaning ontarians and Quebecers whose media is not geared for idiots. That’s that Lord and AIMS DO have a plan and its going along quite well. Namely, we won’t need as much money from you in future..because we’re busily emptying out our rural areas and any high education workers as well.

    You get well trained workers, we get a few bucks for health. And that’s pretty much all it is. As I’ve said before, New Brunswick spends almost half the amount per student on education, all that money is literally going into health care-and increasingly that means pharmaceuticals.

    ‘Fiscal imbalance’ doesn’t mean dividing between rich and poor provinces-that’s fiscal BALANCE. The imbalance is that we have a montrously wealthy federal government which at this point doesn’t do anything except police provinces to make sure they follow their horrible trade agreements.

    Of course they are trying to change that, if they can convince enough canucks to live in the kind of fear most americans do then they can run the economy like the giant police state down south stuffing more tax dollars into weapons manufacturing, research, military and police. Don’t forget, the biggest growth industry down south is the prison industry and Canada has barely touched that. THere’s still lots of pot smokers, homeless and prostitutes out there in that 40% ‘non participation rate’.

  2. Cooker Boy says:

    Someone told me that 40% of NB’s workforce is in the health care area. That reflects the effective campaigns they had over the last couple of years for recruitment.

    Where NB’s future is in trouble is the lack of educated human capital to do the work. Several NB IT companies are hiring remote workers in the US and Ont because Universities and colleges are not spitting out the amount of graduates it needs.

    The argument should be, we need the money to support health care and education so we can reallocate the funds to recruit and retain qualified workers. With no educated workers, no FDI’s will look at NB and will make it extremly difficult for NB start ups to grow.

    Look at the PQA story from CBC yesterday as an example.