Bravo to the City of Moncton

The City of Moncton unveilled its economic development strategy yesterday and I have read this and applaud the effort.

For some, this may look like just more words on paper. But to me there were a few subtle issues that are worth highlighting.

For example, the need for more post secondary education options for Anglophones. U de M has been a tremendous benefit to the city. Just look around. However, our Anglo kids for the most part leave and many never come back. This is a city that prides itself on its bilingualism we need better options for our English kids – a UNB campus? A Mt. A campus downtown? How about a satellite Dalhousie university campus? I’ll let them figure it out but as of the last Census, the percentage of Francophones with a University degree passed the Anglophones and I think that needs to be a ‘race to the top’.

Also the arts and culture focus is key. I used to be ambivalent about this sector but no more. When I look at the most dynamic communities in Canada and the United States almost universally there is a sense of energy and vibrancy eminating out of its artistic and cultural institutions.

There are times a city should look inward and deeply reflect – however, this is not the time for Moncton. That time was in the 1980s. Now, it is a time to look outward and raise up Moncton as a leading city in Canada for economic growth, for quality of life and for standard of living.


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  1. vivenewbrunswick says:

    There’s no point in talking about post secondary education as that’s a provincial, not local, decision. While I understand that people necessarily want all the benefits possible in their own backyard, I think at some point there has to be a willingness to let some other communities get out of the poorhouse. Moncton was raised up in the eighties and nineties by the province and the feds, I think it is time for Monkeytowners to let some other areas get the same opportunity.

  2. David Campbell says:


    You have such a linear mind. Who cares about jurisdiction? If the City of Moncton can show a good business case for an english language campus in this city, it will come. Guaranteed. There are something like 2,000 english kids graduating every year from High School and less than 5% stick around for university. As for other ‘areas’ as you call them, I fully agree they should raise up like Moncton. But it won’t be at the expense of Moncton.

  3. vivenewbrunswick says:

    Obviously every new industry development is at the ‘expense’ of someone. If money or a company goes to one area then it is at the expense of another (and I don’t think it’s your call to make).

    I wasn’t referring to that, simply to things of provincial jurisdiction such as universities. If Moncton is prepared to spend property taxes to build or expand a university then more power to them, but universities are a HUGE expense. If Moncton has that kind of cash just laying around I’d be surprised.

    For Moncton to go to the province or the feds and ask for more money for development is the issue I’m referring to.

    And yes, it is linear-aligned on top of my shoulders.