A tip of my hat to Claudette

I am sure over the next few weeks there will be a lot of talk about Claudette so I won’t dwell on it except to say a few things.

As the only Federal cabinet minister from Moncton since the 1910s, I think she did a fairly good job. The last guy, named Emmerson, fought to keep the CN Shops here and that rooted the Moncton economy for 75 years. Quite a legacy for Claudette to follow. But her support of the airport will be remembered as well as a few other things. But most of all, she will be known, at least by me, as having the uncanny ability to connect with voters of all socioeconomic stripes – almost an Elsie Wayne quality. I have no doubt that Claudette would win that seat in perpetuity. I also have no doubt that Premier Lord would never run against her in a Federal race – never – now he won’t get the chance.

So, despite the fact, that I am the only person in Moncton never to be hugged by Claudette (despite many opportunities), I hold no grudge. I tip my hat to her for representing the soul of Moncton.

And I offer two potential career moves for her. One, editor of the Times & Transcript. Heck, I would support Gumby taking on that role. Second, provincial politics. I know that it is rare for a federal cabinet minister to slum to the level of a provincial MLA but I think she would be a welcome addition (and scare the Tories out of their shoes). She could run and win in multiple ridings within the GMA.

PS – I did get one of those Claudette hugs once – after coercion – someone told her I hadn’t been hugged yet.

PSS – Can anyone confirm the rumour that Claudette and the Queen were out having a smoke together? What a classic Claudette moment – even if it is just legend.

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0 Responses to A tip of my hat to Claudette

  1. The Virginian says:

    Claudette is my favorite economic development officer, ’cause she believes in manufacturing. As you pointed out Emmerson fought for the CN to stay in Moncton, Dennis Cochrane oversaw the beginning of the end.
    Claudette will be remembered as the one that brought aeronautic business to the region. I know there is nothing here yet. But it ain’t over ’till the fat lady sings.
    claudette believed in manufacturing because of the higher wages and the spin-off industries (multiplicator effect). She was (is) right God protect her and keep her healthy. Next job for Claudette – Madame Mayor. You read here first.

  2. Anonymous says:

    David, in fact it’s not unheard of for federal politicians to move to the provincial level. Jean Lesage. Brian Tobin. Lucien Bouchard. Russell MacLellan. With the role of provincial premier gaining in prestige because of political power dynamics, many federal ministers have chosen to seek the top provincial job. Not so radical an idea.

  3. David Campbell says:

    Whoa, I was talking MLA. You’re talking about Premier. I think Mr. Graham would not be pleased…. 🙂