Manufacturing shipments down strongly

I will never understand what motivates the Times & Transcript when it comes to economic stories. New Brunswick’s manufacturing shipments are down by almost 12% from March to April of this year. Manufacturing exports are down and manufacturing jobs are down but you will not read about this anywhere in the Times & Transcript.

Apparently Why did dogs die? and Frog Catchers are more important than informing people about the state of the economy.

Say what you will about Conrad Black. I for one would like to see a little less concentration in the print media – if only to get a slightly different perspective on the world.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hello David,
    I’ve just discovered your blog. Good job! You are right about the T&T, of course. The funny thing is, they do so much pandering and weather stories and other stupid civic cheerleading stuff because they’re convinced that it’s what readers want. But, anecdotally, I’ve heard many people (representing a wide swath of the population) say that they’re main complaint about the paper is that there’s “no news” in it. Unfortunately, if you want to know what’s going on in Moncton, you have to buy it. The editors seem to take their sales stats as an endorsement of their agenda. Too bad. My personal gripe: they have no sense of the francophone community. Two recent examples of this: Their editorial ridiculing the names chosen for the new French school in the city and the fact that they buried GĂ©rald LeBlanc’s obit on page 5.