Federal jobs in New Brunswick

Some economic developers do not like government jobs brought into their community for a variety of reasons mostly related to the fact that community selection is almost always decided for highly political reasons.

While I realize that, I still take the view that these jobs are highly valuable to a community and its economic development. Federal government jobs, like those that Claudette Bradshaw is trying to bring to New Brunswick according to media reports today, are highly paid with excellent benefits and in most cases excellent working conditions. In fact, government workers are paid 24% more than similar workers in the private sector. Why not bring ’em in?

Plus, Claudette needs a legacy that people can attach to her time in Ottawa.

I wrote about the potential of federal government jobs in a previous blog, click here for The Feds are comin’ oho oho!

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0 Responses to Federal jobs in New Brunswick

  1. Anonymous says:

    How is moving 400 translators from Ottawa to Dieppe going to help people in NB?

  2. David Campbell says:

    Hmmm. How about the $20 million in new payroll and all the spending that will bring. How about the new houses that will be built. How about Moncton becoming a centre of excellence for translation and attracting hundreds of more private sector jobs in the future. How about the many people that will be trained as translators at our schools. How about adding more skilled workers to a workforce that has lower levels of university educated folks than other peer cities. Need I go on?

  3. Anonymous says:

    How about shattering the lives of existing federal translators and their families, most of which have homes, friends and are well established in the Ottawa region.

    The Federal translation bureau operates on a cost recovery basis. I do not think it is prepared to waste millions of dollars on a move to satisfy voters in Mrs. Bradshaw’s riding.

  4. David Campbell says:

    You obviously have a personal connection here so I don’t want to offend but I will say that you probably didn’t shed too many tears when John Manley hired 15,000 new civil servants in Ottawa over a four year period while places like New Brunswick were losing popuation. The idea of government using their own workforce as a regional development tool is a good one – the Federal government employs almost 400,000 people – just in administration. And one last point, in the past 20 years, over 20,000 New Brunswickers have had to move to Ottawa-Hull to find work. Having 400 come back sounds fair to me.