NB population – actual versus estimated

In 2006, there was something like  a 22,000 gap between the Census population in New Brunswick and the estimated population that year (roughly 729,900 during the Census and over 750,000 had been the estimate).  By 2011, that has tightened significantly.   The estimate for 2011  (before the Census) was 755,500 and the Census population for 2011 was 751,171.

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One Response to NB population – actual versus estimated

  1. Don Dennison says:

    Think of the plus side – the fewer we are the easier to count. The story to watch, of course, is where we are. As UNB’s Michael Hahn reports, population movements virtually everywhere are toward bigger centres. One of the reasons for NB’s numbers not growing is the movement of people to bigger centres, and most of those happen to lie outside NB.

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