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Measuring economic activity in NB: A different perspective

There is a core inflation rate as well as a regular inflation rate.  The core inflation rate excludes such things as energy and food which are considered to be highly volatile. I think New Brunswick needs to apply this thinking … Continue reading

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Redefining ‘major’ projects

What a difference a few years can make. The provincial government and APEC both published lists of ‘major’ projects underway (or with potential in the case of APEC) in the last week or so and I have never seen such … Continue reading

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Energy for economic growth

My column this morning laments the fact that our energy providers/regulators don’t seem to put much emphasis on economic development.  I particularly am concerned when both Enbridge and NB Power are not forecasting any new large industrial clients well into … Continue reading

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Energy prices and economic development

Not that I want to raise this issue, again, but I listened to the Spin Reduxit podcast for this week and wanted to make a little clarification as is my wont. Let me say first, however; that I hope the … Continue reading

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NBers prefer ATVs to video gaming

I was involved in a very interesting conference yesterday discussing the forestry industry in New Brunswick and one of the points in my presentation was that New Brunswickers are using the forest for recreation more than most other provinces.  I … Continue reading

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Apache backs out

It’s hard to know the real reason why Apache has decided not to proceed with its shale gas joint venture with Corridor.  You would need a phd in geology to understand the language in the press release.   Corridor doesn’t … Continue reading

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