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Election realities

I see that New Brunswickers are bothered by being ignored in the federal election campaign.   If you look at the riding by riding numbers it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise.    There are only three ridings where … Continue reading

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Betrayed by Confederation?

Someone asked me to comment on the front page story over the weekend about the New Brunswick government assertion that it was strong armed into Confederation back in 1867 and its economic interests have been subject to the focus on … Continue reading

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Get your It’s the economy, stupid teeshirts

A long time reader/commenter on this blog sent me this teeshirt.   I have been writing this blog for over eight years and closing in on 3,000 posts and have never thought about merchandising.  But this looks good to me … Continue reading

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Immigration: Inching ahead

I wonder how immigration to New Brunswick was received in previous times of above average inflows?  Maybe some historian could provide insight.  We had a small wave of European immigration in the 1970s.   I believe there was another after … Continue reading

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Why is Newfoundland different?

Someone asked me why I exclude Newfoundland and Labrador from this piece on the demographic crisis.  The answer is…. oil. It is true that the demographic crisis in NL is just as bad if not worse than the Maritime Provinces … Continue reading

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My last word on the movies

Okay folks.  I don’t particularly like to be positioned as someone who is ‘against’ the movie biz in New Brunswick.  There were two reasons why I said the industry was not particularly strong from an economic development perspective.  First, it is highly subsidized … Continue reading

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