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What’cha done for me lately

I think politicians are making a mistake when they measure the value they bring to a community based on the $$s they pour in.  Jack Keir’s commentary today is all about the goodies.  For me, it would have been interesting … Continue reading

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Newton and economic development

Newton’s three laws of motion (Wikipedia paraphrased): First Law: An object at rest tends to stay at rest, or if it is in motion tends to stay in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon … Continue reading

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Liz Beale throwing traditional industries under the bus

Sometimes economists can be too literal in their thinking.  Take APEC for an example.  I think they are way to quick to throw forestry, fishing and even general manufacturing under the bus because of a short term trend. A few … Continue reading

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A slice o’ NB conversation

I’m sitting here at a provincial chess tourny. The parents are packed in like sardines. I have heard anti-French Immersion, anti-French language accommodation, anti-NB Power sale, anti-Finn report (yes, mentioned by name) and anti education reform – and it’s only … Continue reading

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NB Power to raise rates by 3% and other matters

And so it begins or beguines if you are a fan of Cole Porter.

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Mothers and Messaging

I have been accused of taking a simplistic tone in my columns and here on the blog.  In fact, someone once ran my blog through some kind of filter and found I write at about a Grade 6 level. At … Continue reading

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Labour force survey

New Brunswick continues to sputter along.  I haven’t seen the provincial press release but you can be sure that the following table will not be mentioned.  Alberta will not remain in negative territory much longer. Employment Growth (%) March 2009 … Continue reading

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Mixed reaction greets news of HST increase

Mixed reaction in Nova Scotia to the raising of the HST?  In New Brunswick, there would be pitchforks.  Good to see the CFIB is outraged.  Dexter must be doing something right.

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Laffer and Laughter

A couple of interesting stories this morning.  First, an NDP government in Nova Scotia brings in a fiscally conservative budget with a massive tax hike in order to clean up the books.  Just to put things in perspective the 2 … Continue reading

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On industry subsidies, again

One of the top opponents of the NB Power deal wrote a commentary in the newspaper this weekend in which he reiterates his them that government should not be “providing across-the-board energy subsidies to industries” (although as a side point … Continue reading

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