Space-based server farms

I just heard that Virgin Galactic is proposing to build massive computer server farms in space to eliminate the huge costs associated with cooling them.  Why not put them in Canada?  Should be cheaper and certain times of the year just as cold.

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4 Responses to Space-based server farms

  1. That is a good idea.

  2. Paul says:

    If they can operate them from space, that means they are unmanned. No workers. Cheaper to operate, no taxes, no cost to the environment to cool them when its not winter, and that’s without knowing squat…nice effort though, to find some other redeeming qualities and economic benefits from the bloody cold winters.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Beside you just heard wrong. No, actually you just twisted the information, a liberal expertize.

  4. Samonymous says:

    HaHA! Finally, a comparative advantage. I knew this weather was good foor soemthing.

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