Industrial R&D up in NB

Industrial R&D spending in New Brunswick is up strongly in recent years.  NB companies still spend a fraction of the big four provinces on R&D but we are moving up.  Don’t forget this is only industrial spending.  Overall R&D spending in NB (industrial, government and institutional combined) is still, I believe, either dead last or second last in Canada among the 10 provinces.

 Total intramural research and development expenditures – per capita (2007)

Quebec $613
Ontario   598
British Columbia   403
Alberta   325
Newfoundland and Labrador   178
Manitoba   162
New Brunswick   150
Saskatchewan   136
Nova Scotia   105
Prince Edward Island     80
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3 Responses to Industrial R&D up in NB

  1. Samonymous says:

    “Intramural” research and development? Why “intramural?”

  2. “Intramural expenditures are all expenditures for research and development (R&D) performed within a statistical unit or sector of the economy during a specific period, whatever the source of funds.”

  3. Samonymous says:

    Thanks for the explanation.

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