Ocean Spray investing in Rogersville

I love this news.  I need to see more details but the media report is real interesting.

Ocean Spray, the leading producer of canned and bottled juice drinks in North America since 1981, is on its way to setting up North America’s largest cranberry field, near Rogersville.

What I don’t see and would like to see is a cranberry processing facility.  Where are all these cranberries going to be processed?  Putting a $50 million cranberry processing facility – that could process cranberries from around the region – would be an even better value add. 

Go get ’em.


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6 Responses to Ocean Spray investing in Rogersville

  1. Hewers of wood, drawers of water and pickers of cranberries; that’s us 😉

  2. Anonymous says:

    Having just bought another 10 lb bag of potatoes that I will have to throw out , I have to say that nber’s cannot produce but they sure can scam, so maybe it would be better to place the emphasis in that area of expertise.
    Luckily I can get good potatoes in Maine ,but others will and have switched to another food product.
    I still can remember the advice in montreal in 1960’s, from a montreal friend. “Don’t buy NB potatoes,get PEI”.
    Nothing has changed.

  3. We get great, local, pesticide-free potatoes in Sackville:


    Excellent NB potatoes here too:


  4. Anonymous says:

    Are you saying I’m wrong?
    Then I say ok I’m wrong.
    Don’t bother trying to improve the product,I don’t depend on potato sales.
    California and other states must depend on sales though because they have a good product.
    Wonder why there are so many U.S potatoes in the stores ?
    I don’t mind paying 1.30 a lb for good potatoes.Lets see thats 1.30 x 165 lbs per barrel,mmmmnn WHAT 200$ a barrel!!!
    Yes but you can sell to the frenchfry makers at 16$ a barrel and hardly have to leave the TV.
    Next: What they call “meat”

  5. Anonymous says:

    Oh and if there is nothing on TV you can rack before you send your potatoes to mcCains and sell the pickouts to the stores,no one will notice.lol

  6. Arnold Paulson says:

    Cranberries…the wave of the future!

    Who knew.

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