Report card on economic development

NB receives mediocre report card on state of children and youth
MONCTON, NB-A report card on the state of New Brunswick’s children and youth was released today, and the province didn’t receive a single A. New Brunswick’s Ombudsman, and Child and Youth Advocate, Bernard Richard gave B’s and B pluses in the areas of education, youth and justice, and child and youth wellness, and only C pluses and C minuses in such areas as post secondary education, child welfare, and health. Richard says, during his investigations and reviews of services in the province, it became clear a lot of statistical evidence is either missing, outdated, or overlooked. He calls the province data rich, but information poor. Richard says, he hopes making a report card like this an annual priority will encourage better advocacy and decision making in all areas affecting the welfare of New Brunswick’s young people.
I like how Richard will be putting out an annual report card on the province’s young people. Might be a good idea to have an annual report card on the welfare of New Brunswick’s economy and economic development. They are linked.

Don’t forget to check out the video version of the podcast here. We need to get feedback to figure out if it is worth continuing. Thanks.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    You don’t think that wasting ONE day on teaching our children in another language rather than their own deserves mention as an ongoing deterrent to a good education?
    No mention of the fact you don’t get looked at unless you speak french.
    Nor any mention that Professional Quality Assurance Ltd didn’t seem to be too impressed with our “bilingualism” that is always tooted to companies?
    Apparently the tying of grant money and hiring of bilinguals is of no benefit to a real company?

    Now companies are saying,”stay away from NB where people are bilingual but uneducated”.

    Or is my regular rant still not applicable because of the “we are a make believe official bilingual province” mantra, whilst NB hits the skids simply because of dualism and oppression of the best and brightest.
    Most of us readers are well aware that learning of language is a quality held by certain people, just like math ,music ,etc.
    Imagine the result of a school system forcing you to take something you are a dud in.
    No need too imagine I guess,we have it.

  2. Rob says:

    During the EFI debates, we also found out that the Dept of Education lacks the data needed to make policy decisions based on analysis.

    The increase of standardized testing helps, but only on the student size. We still don’t know, for instance, the number of anglophone teachers who can speak French, and vice versa. This affects how well we can teach languages, especially in unilingual areas.

    The major difference is making decisions based on opinions versus decisions based on fact.