Gunfight at the O (Ottawa) K Corral

Crazy stuff going on in Ottawa these days. I have come to the conclusion (maybe you have too) that our national government is not really really ready to govern without a majority party. We got used to single party led government.

They should be able to do it. Dozens of democracies operate with coalition governments. I think it is more prevalent around the world than the single party-led approach.

The governing party should not use the confidence vote as its only tool for cooperation and minority parties need to understand they need to be about compromise.

I think that Stephen Harper screwed up when he added that little bit about cutting funding to the political parties. It was a blatant ploy to anger the opposition but to paraphrase Minister MacKay’s comments if you aren’t prepared to act when you play chicken, you start to look chicken.

Harper should not have used this unsettled period to put the screws to the opposition. He might pay for it.

But the opposition is equally not ready for cooperative/coalition government. The Liberals still think they are the natural governing party and are just looking for that new great leader to lead them to the promised land. It would be interesting to see the Libs play a strong role leading an opposition – it helps clarify the mind and hone the positions.

But who knows what will happen?

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  1. mikel says:

    There’s an old irish saying that ‘whatever makes a politician humble is good’. For no other reason its amusing to see Harper squirm and ‘appeal to canadians’ to ‘counter this threat’.

    Of course, he was singing a different tune when he used a non confidence vote to oust Paul Martin. At least in this case the economy IS in turmoil, and unlike that case, it would actually be parties represented by the majority of canadians that voted non confidence (the last time parties that only had 42% popular support overthrew the government).

    I did a web search of non confidence votes and its very interesting to see how the western press reports this as compared to how they portrayed the Paul Martin non con. In this case the ‘Sun’ chain comes complete with grammitical ‘errors’ across its publications that identify ‘the Liberal’, as if its some sort of monster.

    But hey, at least its not dull.

    And there IS something you can do: join And remember Harper will have a choice if he loses the vote, he can always resign.