End of an era

John Thompson is leaving his post as the head of Enterprise Greater Moncton to head up Atlantic Beef Products Inc. in Albany, P.E.I.

Thompson was an energetic guy who leveraged broad networks to the benefit of the Greater Moncton region. I had the chance to work with him on several occasions and enjoyed it.

I will be curious to see who they replace him with. This is a pretty important time in the evolution of the Greater Moncton region. The call centre industry is peaking and I am not sure what industries are set to be the growth drivers over the next 15-20 years.

Life sciences? ICT? Manufacturing? Atl. Gateway-related? Higher value back offices? A combination?

EGM needs to be a key player in this.

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0 Responses to End of an era

  1. nbt says:

    Atlantic Beef Products Inc? A subsidy sinkhole which used to lose 500,000 dollars a month in taxpayers $$$. Probably close to a million now. lol

    Anyway, should be an easy transition 4 Thompson since the last org. he was a part of survived off of government intervention as well (subsidies and bailouts). A good thing since it wouldn’t have had a hope on an open market.