The power of illusion

Quick. Guess the community in New Brunswick with the most IT workers.


2006 Census
All workers in Computer and information systems occupations (SOC C07)
Fredericton – 1,645
Moncton – 2,170
SJ – 2,130

Of course Saint John and Moncton are bigger than Freddy (CMA vs. CA) so on a per capita basis Fredericton has slightly more IT workers than Moncton and SJ but not by much.

And if you look at the growth in IT jobs from 1996 to 2006 you see something interesting.
Fredericton +66%
Moncton +298%
SJ +246%

Me thinks you want sources. Proof. Okay. Click here and browse to your heart’s content.

After studying this a bit it seems that Moncton and SJ have more IT workers more broadly in industry (like Medavie has 100 IT workers) whereas Freddy might have more small IT firms it has less IT workers in other industries. Just a hunch.

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0 Responses to The power of illusion

  1. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, but how many bureaucrats in each of those cities “supporting” the IT industry?

  2. Jeff says:

    Thanks for this interesting info, David, But many of us are doing our best to ignore these comparisons – these 3 cities are not competitors, they are partners. Or they should be. And we can expect little progress until they behave this way. With only roughly a 1-hour commute time between communities, dividing the talent pool this way seems counter-productive.

    I have no reason to believe, especially after seeing a blog post like this, that we have made any progress at all in uniting as a province in this industry to compete with the world.

    When Saint John refers to itself as the province’s economic engine, as if the other communities don’t contribute much, that doesn’t help. When Fredericton’s Mayor refers to his city as NB’s “smart” city, implying the rest of our cities are “stupid”, that divides us. Or when I hear radio announcers in Moncton refer to Saint John down the road as “stinksville”, that doesn’t help either.

    We are a tiny province with assets spread across our small cities but we have great potential, squandered by a terrible parochial attitude.

    I am truly embarrassed by this. Based on your other columns, David, I know you agree with me on this so please forgive my rant on your blog. We have a lot of work to do in NB and many working against us.

    -Jeff Roach

  3. David Campbell says:

    Jeff, don’t be too serious. This is meant to be light hearted. I realize you work closely and come up against a lot of crap so I appreciate your perspective. The point I am trying to make in a backhanded way is that there is some interesting IT going on in all of the three cities and there are some people that believe it is concentrated in Fredericton.

  4. Jeff says:

    Your post clears the air in that regard.

    None of us can be too serious about this or we’d burn out fast. We need more people who can see the statue inside the marble.