Stephen Lund advising NB

I like Stephen Lund from NSBI. There are no perfect economic developers so there are folks that will point out what they perceive to be his weaknesses. However, NSBI has done a lot of interesting and successful things and what they have done should be studied. Lund has an editorial in the TJ today.

I think a lot of economic development groups in Atl. Canada don’t want to take advice from other groups in the region. This is the old fashioned prickly rivalries rearing up. Truth is that each province can learn from each other – and should.

I have been an advocate of the NSBI model for ED because it takes away some of the bureaucraticism that makes for serious challenges in some gov. departments.

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  1. richard says:

    Let me paraphrase Mr. Lund:

    “Folks, if you want to look brilliant, move to a province that has an economy stimulated by energy exploration and development. Given the the world energy shortage, these economies are booming. Nearly anyone can do well in this environment, even us losers in the ED industry. Thank God I left NB; you really have to know your stuff there to get by. Here, I am just cruising but everyone thinks I have ED secrets for sale. So sell them I will.”