Solberg retiring from politics

I thought this guy was the real deal. He was a major blogger before becoming a Minister and I was completely impressed. Now he steps down/retires just 2-3 years in? Why? He was so gung ho about things back then.

I hope he wasn’t forced out. Politics is a tough biz.

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  1. nbt says:

    I second that, David. He will be missed. I think that makes only 10 original reformers left from ’93.

    …Strahl, Cummings, Keith Martin (now a Lib), Jay Hill, Gary Lunn, John Duncan, Bob Mills, Harper, Kenney and Abloncsky.

  2. Rob says:

    He’s a very decent guy, and his blog is very much missed. I used to live in the Hat, so I saw how he worked.

    He made fun of Volvos on his blog when Gov-Gen Jean was being nominated. It was the typical east coast Volvo drivin’ elitist spiel. When I sent him an email complaining that my Volvo was likely worth much less than any car on the road in Medicine Hat (I’m a proud driver of an 1987 740), he sent me a funny note apologizing.

    Word on local blogs is that he’s been ousted for some fairly partisan right wing family values types. The people mentioned on the blog wanted all “pornography” banned from Medicine Hat stores, including the SI swimsuit issue.

  3. nbt says:

    Rob, I think there are a few left-wingers trying to stir up things here. The Liberals know that a dog could win in the Hat as the Libs and NDP are non-existent in Alberta.

    They tried to do the same when Deborah Grey left and they’re doing it again.

    As for the new candidate, if a rumour about banning pornography is all they got. Good luck.

    This is a non-issue. The main issue here is that, like David and you said, a great guy will be missed. Period.