One definition of a smart city

I am not a huge fan of this metric but it does hold some interest. Here is the lead in Macleans:

If you were to imagine Canada’s smartest city — a place filled with fascinating people, cultural delights and endless learning opportunities — what would it be like?

It is Macleans-level over the top to claim that a ranking on this little test will make your town filled with fascinating people, cultural delgihts and endless learning opportunities. In fact, in my quick scroll of some of the higher ranking places, many of the ones I have visited are actually quite boring and shallow (comparatively). Then again, I like my cities scrappy, a bit on the gritty side and just humming with stuff going on.

I will say this. Many places in Alberta place very high on this list and I believe it must have something to do with the billions more poured into education, broadband telecom, etc. The oil money is having an impact.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    It more likely has to do with the best have gone west,where half their budgets isn’t spent on language.

    Labour markets Atlantic provinces have highest unemployment rates in North America

    New Brunswick’s labour market is not doing well, according to the Fraser Institute’s annual comparison of labour markets.

    Overall, the province ranked 43rd out of 50 states and 10 provinces measured by the right-wing think tank. Results were calculated using five indicators: average total employment growth, average private sector employment growth, average unemployment rates, average duration of unemployment and average labour productivity.

    Neil Veldhuis, director of fiscal studies at the Institute, said the province’s performance, outlined in the report, is “concerning across the board.” The study, entitled Measuring Labour Markets in Canada and the United States: 2008 Report, was released Thursday.

    The biggest blow to the province was its low ranking for worker productivity – second last at 59th, followed only by Prince Edward Island.

    Last again.
    May as well learn to enjoy it cause its not changing.