Freddy to link up with Croatia?

According to the Daily Gleaner, Croatia’s ambassador to Canada hopes that a city from her country can twin up with New Brunswick’s capital. Vesela Korac met with Fredericton Mayor Brad Woodside on Tuesday and floated the idea. Korac said her government is considering the possibility of matching the Croatian city of Makarska with Fredericton.

If you have been reading my blog you know I am keen on this region looking for opportunity in eastern Europe. It seems to me that several European countries are playing the role of a ‘nearshore’ option to higher cost urban areas in western Europe. That’s the role that we should be playing in North America.

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  1. Rob says:

    Croatia may be in the old Eastern Bloc, but it is definitely located Central Europe rather than Eastern Europe.

    Beyond that, I saw this today in the Gleaner and loved it. It shares our tourist economy, although it is only about a quarter of the size of Fredericton. Regardless, we should definitely form a link with this city.

    We should also market our universities to Croatia as a whole. We do a good job of this with Chinese, Egyptian, and Trinidadian students at UNB.