Dispatches from the Road: Northern Ontario 2

I have been to Grand Canyon, all through the Rockies and the Alberta Badlands. I’ve camped on a ridge looking out on Mount McKinley. I’ve hiked the Poconos and visited Niagara several times. I’ve hiked in the Mohave Desert and the Blue Ridge Mountains and spent time in Sedona. Not bragging. Just saying.

I just spend a couple hours hiking on Lake Superior in Pukaskwa National Park. It is impressive. Very impressive.

I passed two people on the trail – over two hours – during prime tourist season.

Lake Superior is the largest lake in North America. It is spectacular and yet you can drive for hours (it seemed like hours) and not see a cottage or a marina or any boats in the water.

And there are many abandoned motels along Route 17.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    After the Ontario government loses sight of the American Border they become unresponsive.
    Tis why I think the province of Sask, and Alberta are the new Canada.Great roads everywhere,populated everywhere,work available everywhere,and a government for everybody.