Becoming a blowhard

Shear Wind, Inc. announced Monday two new wind projects located in the province of New Brunswick that have a combined, potential electric generating capacity of over 1,000 MW. The targeted power markets are in New Brunswick and New England.The two projects are Benjamin River and Mann Siding, which together cover over 100,000 acres of land. Both projects are expected to have an initial phase with a design capacity of 150 MW. Both projects are estimated to be capable of expansion to 500 MW of generating capacity.

You know what might be neat? Trying to figure out how to use that wind for economic development in New Brunswick. Exporting that power to the U.S. or using it to boil water in my kitchen are okay uses – but it would be interesting to see if New Brunswick could end up using that power for economic development.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    So now your saying taxpayers should subsidize other inefficient energy sources for economic development?
    Other energy sources probably costing 10 times or more than any of the proven ways.
    Being good at statistics,you will agree with this assessment.