New chairman for the NBIF

Scroll down this article and read Lacey’s comments. Is there another NBIF that I am not familiar with? Bernard Lord set up the NBIF to be the catalyst for his goal of getting New Brunswick from last to third among the provinces in Canada for R&D. Last time I checked we are still last. Now, the NBIF has been in operation since 2003. Over five years.

I don’t blame the workers at the NBIF. It was an impossible goal but I think if New Brunswick is to drastically increase the amount of R&D (like old Bernie’s goal of Top 3), they will have to drastically rethink this stuff. All the little tiddly stuff should become a secondary activity and the main goal should be to catalyze R&D by working with existing research organizations, private sector firms, etc. In fact, I think they should attempt to attract R&D projects from multinational firms.

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  1. richard says:

    Is this the same Al Lacey whose company has been fined for in-filling a wetland area on Bishop Drive in Fredericton?

    And he has been appointed to an agency with the word “Inovation” in it?

    Boggles the mind, doesn’t it? Also suggests that patronage trumps common sense and ‘doing the right thing’.