Salutations from St. John’s

Second time over here in the past few weeks. Good town. Fantastic people. Drizzly and 9 degrees this morning.

I see that Stephen Lund from NSBI made the list of Atlantic Canada’s Top 50 CEOs this year. It’s a well deserved accolade. The guy is good at what he does. I think the last economic developer to win that was Moncton’s Ron Gaudet – athough come to think of it Steve Demsey from the GHP may have won it as well.

There are some good names on that list but you have to wonder about David Hay at NB Power. The few people that I know that interact with Hay say he is a top shelf guy but NB Power hasn’t been an stellar economic success in recent years.

It’s a bit strange that out of 50 companies, there is only one technology CEO on the list (Bulletproof) unless you count Aliant. It seems to me that if the future is technology based business, you’d like to see more of these guys making this list.

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  1. mikel says:

    Keep in mind that’s not Atlantic Canada’s top CEO’s, thats ‘Atlantic BUsiness’s’ choices. You can find a few of their regular contributors there. And come on, the Nova Scotia Workers Compensation Board? Two gambling monopolies? Gosh, yes, running a gambling monopoly is SO hard. The guy from Fatkat just snagged a new international deal and a regional health authority chairman makes the list?
    The guy from the new brunswick aquaculture company we talked about before may be wiping out the market, but in business thats a GOOD thing (the fact so many of their CEO’s are in monopolies is a good tipoff), so where is he?

    It may have been a couple of year’s ago, but Irving deserves top ranking. Staring down two levels of government and getting tax concessions that cost the province over two hundred million dollars is surely worth businessman of the year.

    Like statistics or Spink’s list, all the list means is that some group actually has the money or moxy to PUBLISH their choices.

    So like the latter, perhaps some night when you’re bored, come up with your own list. If this IS accurate, it certainly makes what private enterprise there is in the maritimes look pretty bad. If a monopoly run, taxpayer funded government authority is better run than ANY private firm then the capitalist’s out there must be pretty bad at their jobs.

  2. Anonymous says:

    OMG, Mikel is right!

    There is no credibility with this list; we can all pick out CEOs on it that led their organizations into crisis, controversy and turmoil.

    This is more like a list of CEOs who a) feel really good about themsleves, or b) somebody else wants them to feel good about themselves.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Selection formula:
    List of top advertizers=list of top CEOs