Pop quiz time

What do you get when you see a $148 million drop in the value of seafood exports from New Brunswick?

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  1. mikel says:

    Again, this has to do with what we talked about a week ago. The industry was concentrated, ironically by a New Brunswick private company, and federal investment (and company investment) has since focused on new projects in Newfoundland.

    That explains the drop in New Brunswick, and the gain in Newfoundland. Of course that was just over a year so isn’t completely telling, but industry concentration is almost NEVER a good thing, and you can translate that into other industries as well (how many new animation companies are finding it hard to compete with Fatkat?)

    But don’t be alarmed, by all means follow the link. The ‘new plan’ involves ‘working with private companies’ and ‘looking at growth’. In other words, its no different than the old plan.