Irvings into tidal energy

Now, this is a good idea for a number of reasons:

The owners of Canada’s largest oil refinery have been given approval for a study to harness the world’s highest tides as a source of power for generating electricity in Canadian waters off the Maine coast. Irving Oil will partner with Huntsman Marine Science Center of St. Andrews, New Brunswick, to research 11 sites on the Bay of Fundy for the potential of tidal power generation.

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  1. mikel says:

    This is BAD, for a number of reasons. First, of course, its Irving. A company that exists because of oil. Haven’t you ever wondered why Irving wanted to build a wind park in PEI, but shows zero interest in NB-the government had to go to Alberta to find an interested party!

    Second, ‘studies’ have already been done-multiple times. I did a five second search and the first one I came across was from 2006. It was done with Virginia Tech (no NB people interested?) and Atlantic Geologic and NB Power.

    They looked at tidal power in general and eight sites in particular around Bay of Fundy (how many sites need to be studied?)

    Aside from the very real possibility that the next generation of NBers will be getting all their power privately, having one company doing most of it is bad for SO many reasons…especially Irving. This is a company that just finished threatening the province with moving if the government didn’t pad their bottom line.

    Or, the other possibility is that its just like GM buying up research companies in the seventies and it just gets buried.

    No doubt its so Irving can make their brochures look good “see, we’re not just interested in oil”. The province throws some money at them so that they can say THEY aren’t just interested in oil. Meanwhile, Nova Scotia had a tidal power project going on 25 years ago, and Portugal, Scotland, Hawaii and Alaska and Japan already have them going on. Perhaps the next piece of good news will be an Irving ‘investment’ in ‘studying’ wind power. It’s hard to be state of the art when the government is funding research that’s been completed for a decade.