Impressionable young minds

In the past little while I have guest lectured at Acadia University, STU and last week at Mount Allison. All on different themes but I manage to work in some of my central theses. Someone should try to get these kids while their young. It would be nice to have some economic development zealots out there with the socialists, neocons, environmentalists, nihilists, anarchists, etc.

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  1. richard says:

    “economic development zealots”

    Economic development is already over-burdened by zealots, most of them well-past the age of majority.
    There are far too many books filled with poorly-documented untestable development theories as it is.

    Economics if often called the dismal science, but it is not a science at all. More like a religion with its leading lights akin to high priests. Plagued by ideology, and lacking a rational approach to data analysis, I see little value and limited useful contributions to society from economists in general and economic development theorists in particular.

    NB would be lot better off if it paid less attention to econ dev ‘experts’ and more attention to using its natural resources to create opportunity. You don’t need econ dev theories or consultants for that; you need innovation.

  2. andrew says:

    richard, are you serious? That sounds like crazy talk to me… As one with an Economics degree, I feel that your comments are unfounded, and appear on the surface to be frankly, unintelligent. Did an economist recently upset you with a forecast of 1.50 a liter for gas this summer? Or do you just like to rant? And by the way economic development zealots spur innovation everyday; just read the newspaper.