Hearts and minds

Maybe Business New Brunswick should take a page from the military playbook. Maybe BNB should engage the public more about its activities to support economic development in New Brunswick. There’s not enough public knowledge about a) what economic development is or should be or b) what BNB actually does (or should do).

How about a weekly column in the newspaper from one of BNB’s sales guys? A “dispatches from the road” about a pitch to a German manufacturer or a French IT firm. Tell the public what they are doing?

I think this, along with more accountability, would be a good start.

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  1. nbt says:

    More accountability would definitely be a good start…along with what Donald Savoie said about BNB:

    “We need to think differently,” Savoie said, noting a lack of proper incentives has been bogging the department down for years. “Unless we create opportunities, we’re not going to have that many people around.”

    Plus, I agree with him on the generic need to streamline government departments and useless programs as well:

    “The public sector has proven over the years that it is good at launching new programs and services. […] It is not good at stopping them. Things just keep going even if they are not as useful as they originally were. It would be a stretch to say that this is good [government] management.”

  2. richard says:

    “Unless we create opportunities,..”

    That doesn’t have anything to do with accountability, that has to do with changing the way you approach development. BNB could be completely ‘accountable’ and still be a failure. In any event, I am note sure the problem is BNB so much as the attitude of the government itself. Their concern is jobs (any jobs), not development.

    “streamline government departments and useless programs as well..”

    One person’s ‘useless’ programs is another’s ‘essential’ program. It is true enough though that government and corporate bureaucracies have trouble stopping and re-evaluating. Perhaps BNB is NB’s version of MS Office 2007.

  3. nbt says:

    Perhaps BNB is NB’s version of MS Office 2007.

    Except that MS Office 2007 actually worked.

  4. Anonymous says:

    How is this for indicators and quantatative accountability. PEI targeted 1200 aerospace jobs by 2010. The Minister of innovation announced a new company adding 25 to the existing 850 (see ACOA press releases today)

    Focus Funding Accountability. Results

  5. richard says:

    “MS Office 2007 actually worked”

    It works, but its a pig. BNB ‘works’ too, just not as some would like.

    In any event, David’s main point re public knowledge is correct. Nothing like the light of day to encourage better behaviour.