Composite Learning Index

It is hard to remain positive when you see data day after day after day. Have you heard about the Composite Learning Index?

The Composite Learning Index (CLI) is the first index of its kind in the world, providing an annual measure of Canada’s performance in a number of areas related to lifelong learning.
CLI is a valuable measurement tool that recognizes how learning throughout a person’s life is critical to their success, the success of the community and the success of the country as a whole.

I don’t know their methodology but I have to report, unfortunately, that New Brunswick is tied with Newfoundland with the lowest score among the provinces.

Even more interesting is the full list (download XLS) of thousands of communities/neighbourhoods. I sorted this list by score and guess what communities are at the bottom of the list? The bottom quartile is all NB and NL communities. How about our ‘big’ cities? Fredericton is 563rd. Moncton is 1,272.

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  1. mikel says:

    Yes, I’ve mentioned before that New Brunswick spends less of its budget on education than any other atlantic province-and I’d guess that would be the bottom in Canada.

    In Sweden they have teachers specifically for adult learners just like public school teachers.

    I’ve oftened wondered how you ‘keep it up’. But look at it this way, the internet is making lifelong learning so easy and possible that its no longer dependant on government. In the 1800’s the impoverished irish had two hundred newspapers and 100% literacy. You can see signs of change all over the world, its true they can change for the worse, but things are still a hell of a lot better than 100 years ago.

    Look at it this way, there’s no way to go but up:)

  2. nbt says:

    There’s t^hat old statist mentality again. That money and government will solve everything…including bad education policy (when in retrospect you’re just funding more mistakes).

    See page 14 for a reality check.

  3. mikel says:

    Guess what, the government doesn’t teach kids or adults, PEOPLE do. Just like right now they do volunteer work, they donate blood, they work hard to help out one another. Government simply PAYS for their teaching. NBT just wants to ensure they can’t afford a decent life while doing it.

    There’s a reason why every CIVILIZED country has far more spending, and far more taxation than New Brunswick (and Canada). We also know that people WANT that.

    But OF COURSE, government and money is needed. How else do you think it gets done? Waving a magic wand? Praying real hard?

    Like I’ve said before, and will again-NB spends the LOWEST percentage on education in the east, probably in Canada. Every ‘expert’, even the Croll Lee report, says much more funding is needed.

    And as is well known, not only is spending the lowest, but scores are the lowest. But gee, maybe we should listen to NBT’s report, maybe LESS spending will improve scores and make smarter people. Maybe letting Irving take over schools will do the trick.

    As for a ‘reality check’, by all means check out the link above. Interesting that its almost VERBATIM following the dictates that the IMF forces on third world debt nations. Think people in Jamaica, Bolivia, Argentina, Thailand are better off?

    You might want to watch this:

    Private power by definition CANNOT address social problems, we’ve got hundreds of years experience that proves that. It was hundreds of years work that our ancestors finally got services IN the public sector so that the majority of people could actually enjoy them.

    As for taxpayer protections, such legislation was actually voted on and rejected right next door in Maine. As I’ve said before, its true that ‘average’ people are bearing the brunt of tax policies,but thats because of who controls the political system-the middle class doesn’t make noise, but then of course none of this is ever in the media.

    I recently found out that an oil company in the US is trying to welch out of paying all their property taxes-they maintain that they pay 30 million dollars too much each year. Irving pays FOUR million in property taxes total each year, only two of which goes to the city of St.John. And supposedly Canada is the ‘high tax’ area, we’re ‘socialized’ compared to the US. Yeah, right!

    Of course NBT doesn’t consider that a ‘subsidy’, thats just, I don’t know, ‘good business policy’. Who really needs the reality check? But gee, maybe giving the wealthiest MORE will make life better for everybody. Irving has done such a fantastic job with New Brunswick forests, why not let them run the educational or health care system? After all, they just want what’s best for all of us-all business people do!