VAS adds 500 new N.B. jobs

From the Times & Transcript:

Premier Shawn Graham will be in Moncton today to announce 500 new call centre jobs for the province. It’s expected Graham, along with Business New Brunswick Minister Greg Byrne, will announce the company Virtual Agent Services will create about 500 new jobs in the province by 2011. The jobs will be focused in rural regions.

“The government is obviously continuing to partner with VAS as it grows and creates even more job opportunities for New Brunswickers,” said a government source. Although some of the jobs will go to existing call centres, the company will open new operations in rural regions, said the source. It’s unknown what government’s financial involvement is in bringing these jobs to the province. This is the third phase of expansion for the company, which has focused on setting up operations in rural communities.

Virtual Agent Services has about 1,000 employees in the province. The company has a field operations office in Moncton and focuses on the hospitality industry. A report released in July and commissioned by Enterprise Greater Moncton showed the number of employees working in the industry in Moncton grew by 20 per cent between 2004 and 2006 to more than 8,200 workers. The company has centres in Doaktown, Minto, Saint-Louis-de-Kent, Saint Andrews, St. George, Neguac, Petitcodiac, Chipman, Norton, Rogersville, Hillborough, Bouctouche, Nackawic, Stanley, Bristol, Perth Andover, Plaster Rock and two operations in Sussex.

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0 Responses to VAS adds 500 new N.B. jobs

  1. Dan F says:

    It’s unknown what government’s financial involvement is in bringing these jobs to the province.

    Or what the jobs will pay…

    Will the taxes returned even cover current medical expenses of the workers?

    Who convinced us again that the downsides of private PPPs (unfettered extraction of profit, zero long-term stability, creation of feudal societies) were somehow outweighed by government waste and inneficiency?

    Methinks the advice from our ‘economic experts’ has less to do with scientific deduction, than slavish loyalty to corporate sponsors and fraudulent economic theory.

    When these businesses go under, what good will it have done us that they were efficiently run? Especially when the money gets sent off to Bermuda, or whereve the rich like to hide it these days.

    The ponzi schemes involved in ‘creating’ the economic growth you’d love to boast about are crumbling globally, yet you still advocate this sort of operation in New Brunswick?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Wow. Two decades later and we are still reaping benefits from a well packaged marketing effort drawing on a visionary telco, a bilingual workforce and an energetic Premier.

    Can you imagine what an enourmous economic powerhouse New Brunswick would be if each government targeted and executed just one of their own economic concepts during their term of office? We’d have 5 on the go now and if they lasted 20 years or more, our future would be bright.

    Screw the catchy slogans and ambitious plans that will be gathering dust long before they are due for evaluation. Let’s just ask our government(s) to succeed on one economic goal of a magnitude similar to the contact center idea.