This should be part of the energy hub

A Nova Scotia research group will look for deep coal deposits and saline aquifers in northern Nova Scotia and Cape Breton as it studies the possibility of carbon capture and storage to reduce greenhouse gases. The federal and provincial governments announced $5 million in funding at a Halifax press conference on Wednesday for the research project. The project will be directed by Nova Scotia’s Carbon Storage Research Consortium, a group that includes the provincial Energy Department, Nova Scotia Power and Dalhousie University.
Nova Scotia announced a tidal research effort a couple of months ago. They announced funding for biofuels from waste plastic and now stealing a page from Alberta wtih carbon capture research?

This is good stuff.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Good point. This is an aspect of the energy hub focus with longetivity. If NB can develop and become skilled in emmision reduction technologies, imagine the world wide demand for these skills.

    There is significant federal money available for environmental research, let’s leverage some of it to NB’s engineers and researchers. How about a NB environmental technology trust fund set up to leverage federal reserach money? Perhaps these mega project leaders pay a levy into this fund and NB reserachers access the fund for seed monies needed to leverage federal monies (a Heritage Fund-like concept with an environmental twist and the specific goal to leverage federal funds).

    We need to learn from the contact center business. It was great to get people back into the workforce but we needed to progress it into digital switch expertise, high end call management software etc so India became a customer instead of a competitor. The energy hub is another emerging opportunity; it is effective to get people working but we need to find ways to sustain the activity and amplify the benefits.