Notes from FullSail

I had a chance to talk with a couple of NBSC reps at supper. They are a keen bunch. Passionate about moving the capital market ahead in New Brunswick. It starts with passion. It doesn`t end there.

The keynote speaker tonight talked about technology, demographics, entrepreneurship, etc. Interesting conversation, however; I can’t help a flashback to the dot.bomb days. There is this need to be ‘extrapolators’. We take a trend – say the rise in social networks – and we extrapolate it out – a little reductio ad absurdum.

Minister Greg Bryne served up the BNB boilerplate. It’s all good stuff but as I age it all starts to sound the same. I am now looking for results. Not talk.

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  1. Dan F says:

    Forget entrepreneurs – when do the Casinos open?

    Economic impact of gambling surpasses $15B: industry
    Tuesday, April 8, 2008 – CBC News

    The gambling industry says it has become so large in Canada that it is now the biggest revenue generator and employer in the entertainment field.

    More than 135,000 people work directly in the gaming industry, according to research commissioned by the Canadian Gaming Association.

    Adding in “the indirect and induced impacts of economic activity in this sector,” the association says the total number of full-time jobs supported by the gaming industry in Canada is more than 267,000.

    The numbers include direct employment in gambling operations like casinos and racetracks, employment in gambling-related government and charity organizations, and employment in areas that support and service the gambling sector.
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  2. Anonymous says:

    Considering this might be the last Full Sail Conference, as the Feds move for a single federal regulator by next year. Then again, maybe there is interest to have the HQ of the new national securities regular to be “Here, in New Brunswick”. (unfortunatly not.)