It’s the Economy, Stupid Podcast – Week 4

Here is the podcast version of It’s the economy, stupid for Week 4 – keep the feedback coming.

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  1. mikel says:

    Here’s a comment (I haven’t listened to the podcast though).

    I’m not sure of your long term plans but you seem to be ‘hosting’ your audio with your own site. If that’s the case then you may want to look at software like ‘mp3 soundstream’ (just type it in google). It’s a cheap program that converts mp3’s to flash audio, which means they are much smaller but with the same quality.

    Everybody has a flash player built in so that’s not a problem, you can also put your podcasts on a separate page so they aren’t all disappearing after a week (I usually discover new podcasts and listen to a ton of them at once).

    Plus, since you have local ads then you can have a separate page with your podcasts and have more ads. This is especially good because the flash player has the play button right on the page which means people CAN stay at that page while listening. In other words, its a great place to put rotational ads, timed to the duration of your podcast.