Harper’s largess and other odds & ends

The folks in southern Ontario want Ottawa to shell out even more to prop up the auto sector there. Apparently, the $1.6 billion already announced in the past three years + all the new tax breaks has not been enough.

The editorial states “The Harper Tories are also in the business of helping specific businesses in a very big way. The Canadian Taxpayers Federation determined that during their first fiscal year in office, the Tories paid out $25 billion in grants, contributions and subsidies. That included $350 million to Quebec-based Pratt and Whitney Canada and $47.5 million to the Mont Tremblant ski resort.

Oh, where is a true fiscal conservative to go these days? $25 billion in one year. Guess how much of that came to New Brunswick? Well, we are 2.3% of the population so in ‘fairness’ we should have received about $570 million in “grants, contributions and subsidies” to companies here. Tee. Hee. Hee.

On a related note, here is the list of top new industrial sitings last year in the U.S. Notice that none of them were in a large urban area. Imagine a day in Canada when the top industrial projects (not including oil & gas of course) were not sited in Montreal or Greater Toronto (I guess RIM in Halifax would be a huge exception). Keep imagining.

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  1. nbt says:

    I agree, David. And even though Harper’s government has done a lot better than the previous two governments on this file (reforms to the transparency and reporting with regards to the TPC), they definitely have to stick to their guns and implement broader tax cuts which put the interest of all taxpayers and all business owners ahead of a specific few. That’s why I didn’t like what happened over in PEI with regards to ABPI and the Montague yacht plant.

    Although, I think the former corporate welfare deal was so bad that the feds are taking it off the table after committing to it in December.