Cities using the Web to engage

I stumbled across this blog, A Better Oakland, yesterday. It seems to me that a blog like this is a wonderful way to start engaging people in a wider discussion about their city and its development. Cities will spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on PR, they will hire consultants and do all the traditional stuff but how about just starting to dialogue with residents? Nothing overly formal. Just a daily or 2-3 times a week journal with reflections on the issues of the day.

No brainer, right?

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  1. Monctonite says:

    This is a fantastic idea. I would hope that Moncton would adopt such, but I have a feeling Fredericton will beat them to the punch, if any city in NB does it all. It’s certainly something that will in all likelihood become standard in the future, so why wait and be the last one to do it?
    As you stated, cities spend tonnes of money on PR. This isn’t only relatively inexpensive; it 2. allows the city communications people to measure the pulse of the community; 3. would get even more free PR for the first city to do it; and 4. is an opportunity to be proactive in citizen engagement.
    The odd comment will have to be deleted or not posted, some translation costs would be incurred, but otherwise it’s only a matter of dedicating the staff and time…but of course no one ever has any of either to spare.