No Soviet style planning recommended

Someone sent me a quick email saying New Brunswick doesn’t need Soviet style economic planning. I think they believe that because I am advising that governments and community leaders get focused on existing strengths and look for ways to build new ones that somehow that equates to some form of central planning of the economy.

Nope. I am actually advocating the opposite of government management of the economy. I am advocating the position that communities and governments need to make themselves attractive to industrial development and that being focused in effort has been shown to be a sucessful way to get it done.

But if my thinking on this became pervasive, we would have less government intervention in industry, less subsidization of bad business models and an overall stronger economy. It is precisely the lack of business investment and a strong private sector economy that compels governments to get more involved in bailing out companies, expanding the size of government and begging for more federal handouts.

Get that recalibrated and we will have less, not more, central planning.

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  1. NB taxpayer says:

    CTF: New Brunswick’s provincial income tax increase in 2007 means all individuals earning more than $52,700 paid more income tax this year. Individuals with incomes below $52,700 paid less thanks to federal tax reductions, but their savings were smaller than other Canadian taxpayers because of the province’s tax hike.

    Not a good way to attract workers to the region, IMHO. Hopefully, Flaherty and Boudreau will do better next march (mostly Boudreau) as we have a long way to go in Canada, especially here in New Brunswick where it appears we are the only province [nationally] that won’t garner any savings in 2007 and 2008 from the taxman.

  2. mikel says:

    Yes, but keep in mind that Ontario doesn’t call it a tax hike but a premium. Serious downloading also means a bigger MUNICIPAL tax burden, here in wonderful waterloo our municipal taxes have increased about 30% in the last three years. Our municipal tax hit is now about $2800 a year. And that doesn’t even get into privatizing and gouging health care so badly the system is on life supports.

    A little soviet style planning would go a long way, just ask a Venezuelan-or a Scandinavian. Saint John’s poverty rate is now catching up to Venezuela’s rapidly decreasing poverty rate, and thats even though ‘private sector’ investment is slowing because not high enough profits are to be had.

    There’s a lot more people arguing for ‘soviet style’ (depending of course what you mean by that) than ‘corporate style’. At least one of them PRETENDS to work for people and not investors. What’s the richest 1% control nowadays, about 80%?