Irving expands New York operation

Was this mentioned in the local papers?

Irving Tissue, Inc., the second largest employer in Washington County, New York, received a $600,000 grant to support its estimated $34.6 million expansion of its operations. According to this article, the company had three potential locations at which the equipment could be installed – Fort Edward, NY or Dieppe, New Brunswick or Toronto, Ontario.

Might be nice to keep for the local papers to report what one of our biggest employers is doing in other markets. If they mention the Dieppe facility as an alterative, why did we lose it? Certainly not over a $600k grant.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I think you can probably guess why this did not appear in the local papers. This is typical of Irving, really, so it doesnt really surprise me as much as annoy me. Its as I have always said, Irving works for Irving and the rest of us can go for a hike. It is nice to see that some of the money that we subsidize them with is giving employment to somebody somewhere, pity its not somwehere like Dalhousie or Miramichi.