Tee hee hee

Just read this in the TJ:

Atlantic discord
New Brunswick will pocket $1.1 billion less in equalization from the federal government by 2020 under changes made by the Harper Conservative government, says a study by the non-partisan Atlantic Provinces Economic Council.

According to the Self-Sufficiency plan, we won’t need any Equalization by 2025. So a grand total of $1.1 billion less by 2020 doesn’t seem to be very relevant, do you think?

Now, to appreciate the size/scope of this number, remember that NB receives something like $1.3 billion now every year from Equalization so losing $1.1 billion over 13 years doesn’t seem like much. Particularly in light of the goal of bringing the $1.3 billion per year down to zero by 2025 and realizing that Equalization is forecasted to increase in New Brunswick for at least the next several years.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Two things heard from MP Dominic Leblanc in regards to the Atlantic accord debacle this week:

    “The conservative Nova Scotia caucus is more like the ‘NS carcass’ these days as members are dropping like flies.”

    “The old progressive conservative party is looking more like the aggressive conservative party as they are daring provinces to either agree with their policies or sue them.”

    Btw, is that a new form of open federalism?

  2. Anonymous says:

    It still averages out to close to $100 million per year. NB can’t afford that. Wasn’t Graham going to ask for an up-front investment in order to meet his self-sufficiency targets?

    Bottom line–Atlantic Canada as a whole is getting screwed and the CPC doesn’t care–they’re looking after vote-rich provinces.

    Equalization takes only income into account–not wealth. The fact that the Atlantic provinces have been behind for decades means that we need a bit of a break in order to catch up.

    As a former Nova Scotian living in New Brunswick, I have been favoring the NS cause. Now I find out that NB stands to be a big loser as well.

    The backlash in NS is HUGE as it is in NL. Should be spreading to NB and PE with this latest announcement.

    Interesting round table of journalists on the National tonight. Several questions asked.

    Andrew Coyne, Chantelle Hebert and two others. Two of them agreed that John Baird was the greatest political disaster of the year. The other two voted for Fortier and Flaherty. Andrew Coyne stated that Bill Casey was the political newsmaker of the year.