Good for the goose, gander, et. at.

Someone sent me this:

Michelle Porter
Published Tuesday January 23rd, 2007
Appeared on page A1

New Brunswick’s near future includes a Miramichi that is little more than a commuter town and a north stripped of much of its population, according to Francis McGuire, co-chairman of the province’s Task Force on Self Sufficiency. “It is going to happen anyway,” he said during an editorial board with the Telegraph-Journal Monday. “We could let it happen or we could accelerate it.”

The problem with this is that think tanks in Ontario and Alberta have been saying that all of Atl. Canada should be depopulated. They would also say “It is going to happen anyway. We could let it happen or we could accelerate it.” In fact, the Feds paid for a report last fall that recommended federal government incentives for people to move from Atl. Canada to Western Canada.

What’s the difference between this commission calling for the depopulation of Miramichi and some central Canadian commission calling for the depopulation of New Brunswick?

The real issue here is economics. The Miramichi is certainly large enough to have a strong economy (30,000 people in the area). The issue is whether or not the local government, local people and the province have the desire to support the growth of new industries there. And the same logic applies at the provincial level.

For those calling for depopulating northern NB, keep looking over your shoulder. Someone else is calling for depopulating your whole province.

I reiterate. I think we can have strong economic regions around New Brunswick.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    What is scary, scary as hell is this isn’t AIMS talking, they said this long ago, this isn’t Irving or some professor.

    This is one of only TWO guys in a ‘task force’ that is supposed to bring NB to ‘self sufficiency’.

    The new government stands up and talks about self sufficiency and one of the two guys stands up and says ” Otherwise, the province is going to “go into a spiral of decline,” as workers age and leave the province – “I’m getting the hell out of here if that’s where we’re going,” he said.

    Uh, genius, that’s where New Brunswick IS. I think maybe New Brunswickers should start emailing this guy and telling him to ‘get the hell out’.

    I registered for that meeting in Toronto with the New Brunswick representatives, I don’t know now whether to cancel, or show up just to ask “why in gods name would I move back when this government is even DUMBER than the last?” New Brunswick’s poverty rate is growing, and the poor don’t even have rights. Planned Parenthood packed up and left because they ran out of money, the only province where they no longer have an office. In my email just before christmas I got a message from the Fredericton Emergency Shelter mentioning that they may have to close, Chrysalis House in Fredericton announces its closing because it doesn’t even have money for utilities.

    And these lunatics are talking about cutting social services? What are they doing, DARING the poor to overthrow the government?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Gilles LePage is going to be some popular guy in Caraquet after these comments from his sidekick on this task force. For a guy who was the top guy at the CENB, he’s being way too quiet on this.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The concept of a task force to look at the situation and arrive at a set of workable and achievable goals – with the input and dialogue of all New Brunswickers, is in itself a sound strategy. There are real problems we need to address.

    What is really scary to me is the arrogant and superior attitude that surrounds it. I may not understand all of the high level economic rhetoric, but I do understand condescending remarks that are actually quite insulting. But no need to pay attention to my comments because you see, I have shopped at WalMart in the past. (In Ref To: TJ article Tuesday, Jan 23)

  4. Anonymous says:

    To quote the Task Force.

    “Increased incomes, increased productivity, and increased exports are among the seven realities New Brunswick must confront if it is to chart a new course”

    Seems to me I heard Frank McKenna say something like that once or twice.
    Although, “I have met Frank McKenna, and Francis, you are no Frank McKenna!”

  5. Eugene says:

    One would think the guy in charge of a self sufficiency task force would at least understand that at the very least, we should stop shopping at Walmart and support local retailers.