Air Canada and Al Hogan

Hate to keep picking on old Al Hogan, but there seems to be so much content.

Just heard on Friday that Hogan so cheezed off Air Canada that they won’t be advertising in the T&T anymore.

You know, the ads with the flight deals out of Moncton.

Thanks a bunch, Al.

PS – anyone confirm if this is true?

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  1. Virginian says:

    Can’t confirm that, but as a business person that is a heavy traveller, the Metro Moncton area and most of NB is receiving extremely poor service from AC. To the credit of GMIA they have done a great job attracting a US carrier and WestJet to support the community. GMIA is a major pain in the butt to AC and their obvious bias towards Halifax. Meanwhile too many local passenger out of some false sense of nationalism (Air CANADA) continue to put up with second class service. Even Frank McKenna on the AC board of directors couldn’t do a thing about it.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I doubt Frank raised too many hackles. Westjet went there because of the market, not anything else. Carriers don’t come into airports if the market isn’t there for them, which is why there is such lousy service. If NB didn’t have such a lousy economy Westjet wouldn’t be flying into Moncton. The fact is most NBers can’t afford to do much flying and the main population is shrinking. If there’s another gas bump then the numbers will go down fast. The ticket prices already appreciate 10% a year.

  3. Anonymous says:

    You can keep watching T&T for any Air Canada ads:)

  4. Anonymous says:

    Air Canada is a third rate airline anyway and their virtual monopoly is on par with the Irvings which is why their fares are so extreme. Airlines wont fly into NB from outside the country because of the cabotage rules which dont allow onward travel to other Canadian destinations which would help to defray the cost. Its time someone took AC to task even if it is Al Hogan.

  5. David Campbell says:

    I wasn’t commenting on the quality/quantity of Air Canada’s service in Moncton. I was just stating that without the publishing of discount fares in the local paper how will we know about them? Every newspaper editor in the country probably has some complaints about Air Canada but Al is the one to piss them off to this extent? And some of you applaud? Anyone, one poster seems to think the ads will back so maybe it’s all moot.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Sounds to me like AC are pulling an Irving stunt here. Threaten them with bad publicity and they threaten to pull advertising. Sound familiar?
    The truth is that AC, just like Irving, are in no position to hold anyone to ransom and the sooner we recognise that the less time we will spend cowering in the corner of our kitchens and fearing the end of the world because a monolith has been upset.
    Poke the big bad bear and see what happens, probably nothing.

  7. dako says:

    Here’s one where, if it’s true, Al comes off looking good. Though I’m not exactly sure how he “cheesed off” the airline (I don’t read his paper much)I assume it’s because something approaching truth about their service and corporate attitude appeared in his rag.

    Your critiques of the T/T are generally spot on, but you’ve stumbled here.

    If people have enough cash to afford the fares, they likely have internet access, which means they can find those fares online. Their absence in the local paper is no big loss.

    Not sure about the message here: should we cater to the sensibilities of customer-unfriendly businesses just because they deign to land midget jets at our airport? Which almost always arrive and leave near capacity?

    If there’s a worse corporate citizen than the T/T, it’s Air Can’tada.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I’ve flown Air Canada numerous times and I fail to see where all this negative energy comes from. Perhaps its because of their proximity to government. I’ve flown airlines from all over the world and have always found them in the upper echelon. In the canadian airline industry I’ve certainly found them on par with westjet (and without the corporate espionage too!), canjet, and the long departed Royal.

    Air Canada certainly isn’t in the position of Irving, I don’t agree with the above, there’s a reason government bends over backward every time Irving blinks. Over at the Telegraph you can now see that they are running a six article story on their ‘educational initiatives’. In other words, Irving is telling the government ‘this is important’, and lo and behold Kelly Lamrock is touting it as a program for the entire province (in other words letting Irving buy into the educational system)

    Newspaper advertising is like television advertising, it is designed for customers to ‘keep in mind’ companies. The internet doesn’t do that. So if Air canada wants customers in NB, its got to go through Irving. With the previous story about Air Canada and Bathurst, AC will have to deal with Irving.

    I can’t imagine what Al Hogan might have done to cheese them off, any more info would be fine here.

  9. MonctonLandlord says:

    Maybe a former Certified Purchaser, an immigrant maybe, was in Moncton looking for work – left because he/she could not get a decent job here, is in the Air Canada Head Office with the Joystick now.