The millionaire politicians club

Politics may not be a lucrative career but life after politics can be:

Bayview Property developers pulled out an all-star cast to launch their billion-dollar condo project [in Victoria, BC].

Former premiers Brian Tobin of Newfoundland and Mike Harris of Ontario were among the well-heeled to lay claim to one of the luxurious condo units at the gala launch event Wednesday, Nov. 15.

“It will be a vacation home for us,” said Harris, who is a friend of developers Kenneth and Patricia Mariash and financially involved in the project.

Prices of the residences range from $400,000 up to $3 million. Selection day for purchasing property is Nov. 23.

Move aside, Frank – other ex-Premiers are getting into the Bay Street game. Note to Bernie: there must be a lesson to be learned here somewhere.

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0 Responses to The millionaire politicians club

  1. scott says:

    As the Hon. John Crosbie once dubbed Tobin, “the silver-tongued orator from Stephenville, Newfoundland.”

    IMHO, I think “gold-tongued orator” is much more accurate as wherever he talks, big money flows.

  2. scott says:

    Btw, in the case of Harris, it didn’t hurt that he played golf with the Bay Street boys before getting into politics. 😉

  3. Anonymous says:

    You’ve got a lot to learn about politics if you think this is a surprise. That’s how politics works, you do good, you’ll be taken care of, if you don’t, things don’t go so well. Don’t worry about Lord, even setting up a shingle will bring him plenty of work from the corporations he served so well (of course he was one of the highest paid Premiers, somebody posted at a blog that he was worth almost nil before he won the election, now its said he’s worth almost six million, again, that’s hearsay, but he was making big bucks and once you make big bucks they accumulate quickly).

    People don’t go into politics because it pays well-although its better than the average, they do it to add to their resume for afterwards. Thats why Canada needs proportional representation or a political change quick-the old adage that – politicians are accountable because they need to get re-elected doesn’t hold water when they don’t care whether they get re-elected.