Professionalism in blogs?

Good luck with that.

Robert Cox wants to bring some professionalism to the blogosphere.

As president of the Media Bloggers Association, Cox is about to unveil new membership policies designed to help bloggers who see themselves more as journalists than freeform diarists.

The Pew Internet and American Life Project finds that about eight per cent of American adults keep web journals, most of them personal in nature even though the most high-profile ones may be about news, politics or technology. It’s the more serious efforts that Cox is courting.

Among the planned criteria: members would have to take an online course offered by the Poynter Institute, a journalism think tank, covering legal issues related to blogging.

Members also could seek credentialled status by undergoing training or demonstrating other work as professional journalists. They also must agree to the organization’s ethical standards and adopt formal editorial and corrections policies. Doing so could give them the backing they need to obtain review copies of books and access to newsmakers and events, Cox said.

I see that Charles Leblanc allows Paypal donations to keep the blog up. What’ya think? Should I try?

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0 Responses to Professionalism in blogs?

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m thinking Charles doesn’t see much cash from that, scratch that, ANY cash from that!:) Much as I like the blog I wouldn’t pay for it. As I’ve said before though, if a group of bloggers could get together and do a site that would give the CBC and Irving a run for their money, that’s a different story. Anybody donating to Charles does it because he needs it, not because of his website. Much as I’m glad Charles isn’t ‘taking it lying down’, I think most people are thinking ‘my tax dollars and his welfare cheque are enough’. Plus, a lot of people still distrust online purchasing. That may change, but for now I don’t think a lot of sites see much cash from something they can get for free.

  2. scott says:

    You forgot to mention how a certain New Brunswick blogger, won’t name any names Charles, deplores franchise media “attack” stuff because he wants a monopoly on the attacking.