Which came first economic development or the egg?

Halifax gets 400 high end finance jobs in the fast growing hedge fund industry. New Brunswick gets 20 new jobs producing eggs in Sackville.

The provincial government will provide Les Oeufs Bec-O Inc., a subsidiary of Burnbrae Holdings Inc., with a $3.54-million term loan to assist in the establishment of a food processing operation. Premier Shawn Graham made the announcement today in Sackville. He was accompanied by Agriculture and Aquaculture Minister Ronald Ouellette; Bob Anderson, president of Burnbrae Holdings Inc.; and Sackville Mayor Jamie Smith.

The $3.54-million term loan will enable the company to establish its processing plant and create up to 20 new jobs. The plant will process surplus eggs in Atlantic Canada into liquid egg products which will be sold in food service, institutional, retail and industrial markets.

Hey, don’t complain. It’s a good start. I don’t snub my nose at manufacturing jobs like this. I’d also like high tech jobs and high finance jobs but these jobs will be very helpful in the Sackville area.

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  1. scott says:

    A great “get” for the Town of Sackville, however, I was not impressed with this statement at all by Premier Shawn Graham:

    “Our government believes that strategic investments such as this will help to set the province on a path to self-sufficiency by 2025.”

    If this is a breakthrough in the eyes of the Premier for New Brunwick, then he should change the last part of his statement to “this will help set the province on a path to self-sufficency by 3025″. By all accounts, with global warming, we’ll probably be under water by then.

  2. David Campbell says:

    How many eggs will we have to process to overcome a $1.5 billion Equalization tab? You are right, Scott, it’s gonna take more than eggs.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Such as this could mean anything, does anybody know how the province caught this one? Or was it a file from the previous government.