Reversing Fortunes

It would seem that Saint John is finally on a roll. After getting something like six Ministers in the new Liberal government and the announcement of that new refinery project (possible), now they get this.

You can’t buy publicity like this. Saint John is definitely on the upswing and as I have said before, in many ways, as goes Saint John so goes New Brunswick.

This is not to discount Moncton or Freddy Beach for that matter but when the largest urban area in New Brunswick was struggling the effects were felt across the province.

Now, as the move into upswing mode, it will also ripple forward.

Couple of notes to BNB on this one:

1. Get serious about people attraction, now.

2. Call that Bob Manning from the SJ Board of Trade and offer him any amount to come work as your chief sales guy. I have seen him in action and he is a crackerjack. You don’t need ‘administrators’ at BNB, you need sales guys and Manning is sales guy personified. He oozes it and an above average knowledge of this thing called economic development.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Don’t mean to rain on your parade, but there really isn’t much meat there. It’s great Moosehead is hiring, but of course the Irving jobs are all paid for by the taxpayer.

    The reality is still people leaving, the stories of less than five who came back is hardly optimistic.

    And of course there is the propaganda view, how much of the story was written by Irvings? They have a vested interest in calling Saint John a ‘hub’. And of course a lot of the talk is to keep enough people around to do construction.

    In reality we’ve already seen the job numbers drop from 2500 to 1000 permanent jobs, less than half the current refinery. Meanwhile, Irving refuses to give out average wages.

    We know that the benefit of being a ‘natural gas hub’ is less than 20 full time jobs, hardly a perk.

    Meanwhile, the reality is that as Canada gets more involved with foreign wars security is more of an issue yet the feds have no interest in this area. If somebody were to try sabotage it would be distressingly easy. Does anybody even know what to do is cases of emergency? Hardly, in fact unless hugely serious I suspect industry and government will go out of their way to hush up any problems.

    There is a reason that every other place in the industrial world is heading toward wind and solar energy. Saint John is positioning itself to be the cheap sucker for americans. That’s hardly a potent draw.