NS wins another one

You have to wonder if NSBI had all these projects in the bag and just staggered their public announcements. There have been I think about eight announcements of projects involving payroll rebates in the past month representing well over 1,400 high paying jobs.

Here’s the latest:

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  1. MonctonLandlord says:

    Your question is great, here is an explanation:

    World class CEO and staff, combined with a Board of Directors:

    Board Members
    NSBI is led by a private-sector board consisting of business leaders from across the province who represent a diverse range of sectors and business interests. Terms of service for board members range from between two and four years. The Chair of the Board serves a three-year term.

    F. Thomas Stanfield (Chair)
    President, Stanfield’s Limited, Truro

    Sheila A. Brown, Ph.D
    President and Vice-Chancellor, Mount Saint Vincent University, Halifax

    Jim Eisenhauer
    President, ABCO Group Limited, Lunenburg

    Lawrence K. Evans, Q.C.
    Partner, Evans MacIsaac MacMillan, Port Hawkesbury

    James W. Gogan
    Former President and CEO, Empire Co. Limited, Stellarton

    David Arenburg
    President, Adcor Group of Companies, Yarmouth

    James Kehoe
    President, Joneljim Group of Companies, Sydney

    Paul Kent
    COO, xwave, and Senior Vice President, Enterprise and Business Solutions, Aliant, Halifax

    Jim MacConnell
    Former President and CEO, Scotsburn Co-operative Services, Scotsburn

    Doug Hall
    Former Managing Director, RBC Dominion Securities, Halifax

    Bill Black
    Former President and CEO, Maritime Life, Halifax

    Paul Taylor
    CEO, Office of Economic Development, Halifax

    Nancy Tower
    CFO, Emera Inc. & Nova Scotia Power Inc.

  2. scott says:

    Good point monctonlandlord, but I also think it comes down to political leadership in that province as well. John Hamm did a fantastic job as premier.

    And no offense to us, but notwithstanding Frank McKenna, Nova Scotia had had better leaders [smarter politicians] on average than New Brunswick.

    Nowhere in our lot of MPs do I see a Peter Mackay, Scott Brison or an Alexa McDonough. How many leadership contenders or leaders have we had recently?? None.

    Don’t get me wrong here, the federal Liberal party works like a machine in this province, but many times we elect MPs that are just slaves [caterers] to that well oiled machine and when it comes down to the crunch, they are not great leaders.

    I guess what it really boils down to is the Liberal party is not the party of NB, but the party of central Canada. And the fact that we have elected so many caterers to that party has led us to take on the “we only deserve scraps” ethos with regards to our province where a few Liberal friends get grants and the rest are left without a voice. At the moment, we are bankrupt of political leaders and if this doesn’t change, then don’t expect the province to either.

  3. Anonymous says: